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Sunday, September 07, 2008
Fay, Hannah and everything in between
I think we should have a Tropical Storm every Saturday. Last Friday, it was Fay. Certainly not as dramatic as Hannah, but it made the day a washout, and followed me up to Rhode Island for the weekend. It made Saturday up there a washout as well, but luckily, we had nothing more pressing on our agenda than getting massages, having a late lunch and shopping.

Sunday and Monday were stunningly beautiful, and we spent them at the Rhythm and Roots Festival listening to some terrific live music, grilling lots of veggies from the garden to eat with freshly grilled fish at home, and floating in the pool and watching the falling stars at night. You can see the Milky Way really clearly from my friends house, and the falling stars were showing off.

And then as soon as I left my friends' house, my week went to hell in a hand basket.... My flight was delayed getting out Providence thanks to Gustav, and when I finally got home at 10:00 PM, I discovered that my cat Pumpkin was howling in pain and had a blocked urethra - again. Another trip to the vet, 3 days in the ICU and $1,500 later, and he's resting comfortably at home with another weird haircut to show for it. They had to shave his butt again and it looks like he's wearing ass less chaps. It's pretty funny actually.

While that drama was going on, work was crazy with the opening of a new physician practice, the closing of another one, and two board meetings and a business dinner. I used my house like a hotel through Friday, except that there was no maid service to pick up after me.

Yesterday was a gift. From the moment I heard the rain on the skylights, I slept in and snuggled with the cats, read the rest of a book, lounged around without makeup or contacts, took a nap, didn't touch the computer once, and watched zombie movies all day. Oh, and I made about 2 quarts of roasted garlic and tomato sauce from the bounty of my garden. Recipe and photos in the next post.

So Hannah, despite her watered down fury - was very welcome here indeed. Just the perfect mix of drama and seriously awful weather to prevent anyone from going into the storm unless they absolutely had to - and thankfully, I didn't.
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  • At September 08, 2008, Blogger Alex said…

    So you're watching zombie movies and creating a red sauce that's a little thicker but bears an uncanny resemblance to blood.

    Amidst a tropical storm.

    I like it.

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