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Saturday, September 20, 2008
China Arrests 12 More in Milk Contamination Crisis
Last year, when Chinese pet food tainted with melanine was killing pets here in the US, and there were questions about the safety of Chinese pharmaceuticals and toothpaste, the leader of China's FDA was arrested and later executed for taking bribes and allowing it to happen.

Now, with China's own children on the line, in a country with a one child policy where children are the centerpiece of Chinese Society, the government is again cracking down, this time on milk suppliers in provinces across China.

Rumors are also flying that this crisis has been going on knowingly for at least three months, but that the Chinese were reluctant to interrupt their spot in the global sunshine during the Olympics in August.

Now I know China is a totalitarian regime, and we would never do something like this in the US, but don't you wish for one minute that instead of the government being forced to bail out our entire financial system on the backs of the taxpayers, that maybe they should have cracked down Chinese style on unscrupulous lenders and companies when this was all happening in the first place? I'm just sayin. It's not as if these idiotic high risk lending practices were some sort of secret or anything.
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