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Friday, July 04, 2008
That would be me......

I was up at 5:15 this morning to get to the airport by 7:00 AM for an 8:30 AM flight to Cleveland for our family reunion in North Madison, OH this weekend. Packed, at the airport, and in the security line by 7:10 looking forward to grabbing a Starbuck's and reading my book before the flight.

The plan was to hit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and have lunch at Lola's, and maybe even browse the stacks at Zubal's before heading over to Geneva and meeting my family at the Old Mill Winery for dinner this evening.

That was the plan. In the security line, I discovered that I had left my driver's license in my other bag from my trip to Portland. With no photo ID, I wasn't going to get very far. I turned around and came home....

I'm now booked on the 5:55 PM flight (and Southwest didn't charge me a penny for the change!), and while I may still get to have dinner at Lola's, I'll miss dinner with my family, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will have to wait another day.

Bummer. It's OK really - there are a lot of things I need to get done here, and it will be time well spent....

UPDATE: Good news / bad news.

Bad: It would appear that I have managed to thoroughly misplace or lose my driver's license, and the MVA sure as hell isn't open today. I think I might have accidentally tossed it out with some receipts that were with my luggage tag and boarding pass leftovers from my Portland trip.
Good: I can fly with my passport.
Bad: I need a driver's license to rent a car.
Good: My cousin Andre's flight from Miami arrives about 15 minutes after I do.
Good: My parents are picking us both up at the airport
Good: Made reservations at a fab new restaurant in Cleveland for all of us: Light Bistro
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2 Editorial Opinions:
  • At July 04, 2008, Blogger bosconet said…

    If you lost/forgot your ID the TSA will let you fly, although you will be subjected to a full secondary screening. However not having a DL is a BIG impediment to renting cars.

  • At July 08, 2008, Blogger Charissa said…

    So how was Cleveland? Can I live vicariously through you, please?

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