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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Self Cleaning
Sometimes I think I might be borderline manic depressive. Do you ever feel that way? One day, you're all gung ho and get lots of stuff done, the next - not so much. Take yesterday for instance. I woke up with a wicked sore throat and didn't feel well - at all. The weather was just AWFUL with the high winds and dark skies, so I promptly laid on the couch most of the day, drank tea and watched movies. I did absolutely none of the things on my "to do" list which grows by the day.

The only time I left the house was to head over to Zenchick's last night to help her prep her new apartment for painting and paint a wall. She rewarded me with yummy pizza.

This morning, I get up at the crack of dawn, still not feeling all that hot, but am wracked with guilt for blowing yesterday off, so I start in the kitchen: unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned up all the pots and pans from a cooking spree on Sunday so I could have healthy food all week prepared ahead of time. I even emptied out and reorganized the tupperware cabinet which had spilled all over the place in my search to find matching containers and lids to organize leftovers from said cooking spree (this also resulted in deciding to get rid of the microwave popcorn popper circa 1982, lots of yogurt containers and Whole Foods containers). Other plans for the day include the upstairs closet, a trip to the recycling center (see cleaning out tupperware closet) and cleaning the laundry room. This doesn't include 3-4 hours of desk time and phone calls for job hunting.

That was, until I thought it would be a good idea to also clean the oven so I could get started on Holiday baking. Cleaned up the stove, got it all ready, hit the self cleaning button and moved on to the next project. Came back 10 minutes later to the oven beeping and flashing an error message.


Try again - same thing. Double sigh. Try to just turn the oven on - no self cleaning - same thing. Triple sigh. Now even the oven is not working.

Head to Whirpool's website to look up user manual, get down on hands and knees with a flashlight to find model number and serial number to give to the support technicians, and yadda yadda yadda, now it's nearly noon and I haven't taken a shower yet.

After talking to Whirlpool and trying a few more things, I need every homeowner's worst nightmare - an appliance service call. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Angie's List (please get yourself a subscription if they are in your area - they are wunderbar! It would make a great Christmas gift for any homeowner), I got the most highly recommended guy on the site, who normally doesn't come in to the city, but agreed to take a look at it.

I really can't afford to have an appliance repair right now, but according to Whirlpool, it's just the door latch, and I really can't afford not to have a working oven right now with three weeks to go before Christmas either. If it's bad news, everyone gets microwaved treats this year....

Screw it, I'm off to get a shower and try to get the day back on track.
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