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Saturday, November 17, 2007
Greetings from the absolutely adorable Langworthy Library situated at the edge of what could easily be Walden's Pond in bucolic Hope Valley, Rhode Island. This place is utterly, hopelessly spilling over with Currier and Ives New England charm.

I'm killing time on the Internet while my friend, who is on the Library's Board of Directors, serves up spiced apple cider with cookies during a lecture by Maureen Taylor on the rich history of Rhode Island photography.

The ride up here yesterday was just picture perfect. Rather than deal with the ribbon of frustration and toll booths known as I-95 and risk major delays due to accidents or traffic around NYC, and being in no particular hurry, I took the scenic route. I came up through York, took a right through Lancaster, Reading and Allentown, and then headed up the unbelievably beautiful Delaware Water Gap into Connecticut.

It was a perfect late fall day, with a granite sky and intermittent snow squalls, dramatic light, and bright sunshine. The leaves were mostly done showing off the best of their color, but hung on to the trees in shades of bright red, copper, rust, and brown. Mostly, they swirled through the air like brightly colored confetti as I drove through countryside filled with stone farmhouses, brown corn fields, lots of pumpkins, and tidy Amish farms. Sunset was gorgeous - with the sun under lighting the clouds with bright pinks and oranges to make them look like giant cotton candy as I drove into New London, CT to meet my friend after work at a very cool restored waterfront wine shop circa early 19th century on the river with a great stone walled basement.

We wandered down the street to a terrific little restaurant, and headed north to Rhode Island to relax over a glass of wine and get caught up on life.

Tonight - perhaps tickets to the Madeline Peyroux concert!
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