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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Almost There.....
Well, it's been nearly a month, but we're 80% of the way there now.


The patio and wall are done, and most of the plants are in. It's hard to see because they are young and bare right now, but I have a weeping crabapple tree, oak hydrangeas, a butterfly bush, hostas, lillies, irises, roses and lavender. Not to mention some wild geranium, miniature boxwoods, and some other plants and vines.

The rest of the plants go in tomorrow, new turf will be in the center, and mulch everywhere. The remainder of the pea gravel goes into the patio, and the potting shed and container for the heat pump need to be finished.

Hopefully, I can move my patio furniture and grill back this week!


The small semi circle of pea gravel that we left next to the walkway is so I that can get some large ceramic pots (hint, Xmas, hint), and fill them with herbs for an herb garden.
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