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Thursday, December 06, 2007
Christmas Nostalgia
I have no idea why someone felt compelled to do this, but I'm awfully glad they did. The folks over at have scanned in entire select Christmas catalogs from Sears, JCPenney, Wards and Spiegel from 1945 - to 1985. If you want to walk down memory lane and are of a certain age - this is the place to go.

I vividly remember nearly memorizing the Sears Christmas catalog from cover to cover dreaming of all the things inside. Today, we make a list on and email it to everyone, but back then, we circled what we wanted and put our name next to it.

There was one Christmas in particular that I wanted nothing more in the world except for the silly stuffed Angora Cat pictured below. I don't ever remember wanting anything more for Christmas as a kid than this stupid cat. I got it of course, loved it to death, and had it for years. I have no idea what ever became of it.


I'll spare you the horrors of 1971 clothing, but there is a striped, hooded, monks bathrobe featured in this same catalogue that I also received that year. It was all the rage. What's the one thing you wanted most as a little kid and either did or didn't get for Christmas?
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