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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
More Misery
What started out as an otherwise annoying head cold, is quickly kicking my BUTT. Feel like crap, and I have one of those watery death rattle coughs. Home to soup and bed.

To add insult to injury. I had to fire someone today. Turns out she was skimming our cash box of patient co-payments. I spent the last two weeks running a Perry Mason investigation to make SURE I had solid evidence before I accused her of such a thing. When I reviewed it with her - she had no explanation. Didn't even try. Confiscated her badge, escorted her to the door, and notified Security. Done.

But it gets worse - because of all the budget cuts I had to make, I cannot fill the position and I have a clinic with over 60 patients in it tomorrow and will be short staffed for the next two months. Fun times.
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