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Thursday, November 09, 2006
The Times, they are a changing
Actually, everyone BUT the New York Times is changing this week. In what seems to be a major upheaval of musical chairs at some of the nation's most visible media outlets, here's the scorecard for the week so far. Makes Rumsfeld's departure seem like an afterthought.

The Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer was ousted. Amanda Bennett, the editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, was ousted and replaced by Bill Marimow, a former Inquirer reporter and editor who recently lost HIS job as the top news executive at National Public Radio.

And over at the LA Times, the editor, Dean Baquet was ousted on election day after refusing to cut jobs. He is being replaced on Monday, by Jim O'Shea, the managing editor of The Chicago Tribune. Keeping up with this so far? Interestingly, Mr. Baquet's departure follows that of the paper's publisher, Jeffrey M. Johnson, who openly objected to cuts ordered by the Tribune Company in September and was fired last month. (Note to LA Times: The Trib is in charge - resistance is futile).

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Three billionaires are gearing up for a fight to control the Tribune and gain control of the LA Times. David Geffen, Democratic activist, multi-billionaire, and pretty much the most powerful man in Hollywood, just sold a ton of artwork, and has a war chest available to make a bid for the Times. Meanwhile, two rival billionaires, Eli Broad and Ron Burkle, joined forces Wednesday to make a bid for all of the Tribune Company, to get their hands on The Times. Who will win?
Many journalists have held out hope that local ownership might put an end to the heavy cost-cutting they have been forced to do lately. But if Philadelphia is any indication, that may not be the case. A group of local business executives recently acquired The Philadelphia Inquirer and, after just a few months, announced an accelerated decline in advertising and possibly significant job cuts.
They might get more than they bargained for. Stay tuned.
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  • At November 09, 2006, Blogger jwer said…

    You forgot the coalition of Rich White Dudes in Baltimore that are trying to wrest control of the Baltimore Sun away from the Tribune Company for much the same reasons....

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