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Monday, August 22, 2005
Road Trip Anyone?
I dropped off the new ride to:

1. Have the windshield replaced (yeah - warranty!!!)
2. Have software for the phone installed (I never thought I would write about installing software in my car)
3. Have it checked out, because sadly, the "service vehicle soon" light came on this morning (yeah - warranty!!!).

I'm not (too) worried that I might have purchased a lemon - yet. Lemon BMW's aren't too common (it was a dealership car from a top dealership), and since it's been less than 30 days since I bought the car - I'm covered, and can turn it in - no questions asked.

One of the sweet things about this place is that you can pretty much walk out and pick a loaner vehicle while yours is being serviced.

So.....Anyone wanna go for a spin in a BRIGHT red, tan leather, 2006 model with all the extras?

If my car is sick - I'm keeping it.....
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