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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Pride Goeth Before the Fall
OK, so this puts an irreparable dent in my ever shrinking / non existent blog anonymity....BUT

This Artists' co-op / group and gallery has been one of the primary centers of support and interest from my family for more than 30+ years (70 years if you count my Grandmother, a well known local artist, who was a founder of the group).

My Mom has spent tireless hours getting this gallery up and running, and keeping it going. From organizing volunteers, to getting grant support, to having fundraisers, she has overseen a lot. Thanks to very generous donations of time, design work, and materials from Dad's architecture firm, there is new paint, lighting, better gallery space and other ammenities at the Center. In addition to a full range of adult programs and classes, they have children's programs in art, architecture and drawing. It's the best example of a community based arts appreciation program for a town of its size that I know, and I'm very proud of my Mom and Dad to put so much effort and support into it.

It's a good thing.

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