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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Comeback Player of the Year Award Presented by Viagra
I had the rare opportunity to spend what was probably the finest day of the summer (both from a weather and companion standpoint), attending not one, but TWO Major League games in TWO stadiums in TWO cities today.

For anyone out there unfamiliar with Baltimore weather the last week of August, we SHOULD have been sweltering in unbearable heat hovering close to 100 with humidity in the 90% range. Today. Was. Glorious. Cool, with clear and utterly blue skies. We get perhaps 10 such perfect days in an entire year. We joked that there should be a rule obligating people to attend baseball games or go sailing when the weather is this perfect.

We started the day at RFK stadium in DC to watch the Nationals lose to the Cincinnati Reds. This was a terribly confusing game for myself and at least one other friend to watch because the Reds were wearing dark grey uniforms (like the Senators used to wear) and the Nats were wearing white uniforms with red hats and socks - like the Cincinnati Reds are supposed to wear. As a result, we kept cheering for the wrong team. The DC game started at 1:05 PM and ended at 4:40 PM. We were on the road and on our way up to Baltimore in rush hour traffic by 5:00 PM, had time to stop in Columbia for a brief shopping excursion, and STILL make the 7:05 PM start of the Orioles / Angels game. A true double header. Luckily - the O's won the game and we were left feeling as though we all accomplished something special and had a terrific day.

Then I come home to check email and blog updates before going to bed and see this on the MLB web site. Is this just the most tasteless thing ever or what?? How can the "winner" of this "competition" be anything but completely embarrassed?? Of course, you know I have to vote for Richie Sexson, because it's just too good to pass up.

What are they thinking???
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