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Monday, July 18, 2005
My brother and my nieces (ages 10 and 11) were here this weekend (YAY!!!). Anytime family or friends visit, it's a chance to play tourist in my own town, but this weekend, I have to say, we did a classic tour, and Baltimore effin ROCKS.

On Friday night, I exposed the girls to their first crab feast. Now, I have to say, these kids have been known to be picky eaters, but God bless them - they jumped right in and tore those suckers apart like a pro. Trying to be authentic, we headed to Captain James' Landing in Canton. This is a hole of a restaurant that normally, I would never frequent, but they opened a crab shack across the street from the main restaurant, on the water. It only serves steamed crabs, corn, beer and karioke at picnic tables on the waterfront. It just doesn't get any better that that. The crabs were good and the karioke was actually decent with two major exceptions.

On Saturday, the girls had their hearts set on the National Aquarium, and it's a good thing they did since it proceeded to be miserably hot, thunder and rain all day. After a great trip through the Aquarium, we catered to my brother's need for a Tour de France update fix at the ESPN Sports Zone, and then next door to Barnes and Noble for some Harry Potter mania.

From all this, we headed back to my house and over to The Charles Theater to catch the matinee showing of March of the Penguins. See it. Now.

Not much you can do to top something that amazing, so we retired to my house for pizza and a bad Pay for View Movie.

Sunday: Another oppressive day. Off to the USS Constellation. Truly a remarkable experience. The most common sentiment was that we are very grateful to be living in this day and age.

More heat and humidity....Off to the Maryland Science Center. Way too much great stuff to see in an hour or two!!!

We left there and headed to the myriad of restaurants in the Inner Harbor complex and decided on M&S Grill, primarily because they didn't have a 45-60 minute wait at 1:30 PM on a Sunday afternoon. Turned out to be terrific!

That was it. From there, it was back to my place and a chance to pack, load the car up again and drive home. Way too little time...I miss them already.

After such an exhausting tourist weekend, as soon as they left @ 4:00, I was asleep on the couch till 6:00.
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11 Editorial Opinions:
  • At July 19, 2005, Blogger deanne said…

    Hey even I'd happy with a weekend like that! Sounds like a great time - at least I know where to go should I ever I come to Baltimore!

  • At July 19, 2005, Blogger jwer said…

    I think you missed a couple of national chains, though...


  • At July 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    linda & jwer: can someone tell me what that little dingbat at the end of jwer's message means? I have seen it before and it has always struck me as lkinda non-pc.


  • At July 19, 2005, Blogger jwer said…

    Campbell: are you referring to the smiley face? Turn your head to the left... seriously? Where is your mind?

  • At July 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    jwer: well if it is just a smiley face why does it have an o when usually smiley faces just have an -

  • At July 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    seriously, where is his mind? doesn't he know an al jolson smiley when he sees it?! ;0)

  • At July 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Anonymous: EXACTLY! That's what I thought it was but didn't think that these days you were allowed to do that; anymore than you are allowed to have a goll***g as a soft toy

    linda: And another thing. How come when you take me out, all you do is get me smashed and then drag me off to smokey bodegas south of the river?


  • At July 19, 2005, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    jwer: I SAID it was a tourist weekend! Besides, the kids are 10 and 11 - gimme a break. And I've always wondered about your use of the smiley as well.

    Campbell: Me get YOU smashed??!! I seem to remember multiple Manhattans multiplying mysteriously throughout the evening, Mr. But I do take responsibility for dragging you to the tapas bodega afterwards as you say... :-) If it's London tourist traps I wanted, I would have asked you to take me to a fish and chips place, not Claridge's.

  • At July 20, 2005, Blogger jwer said…

    Campbell & Linda: No, I just have a big French nose. You are both very silly. I don't even really see what you're talking about. How is that an "Al Jolson smiley"? I mean, obviously, if three people see it, there's something there, but, what?

    Linda: If your excuse is that the kids are 10 and 11, then why take them to a freakin' expensive steakhouse, when you could've just taken them to the Hard Rock Cafe?

  • At July 20, 2005, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    jwer: Beacuse the Hard Rock Cafe had an hour wait, and we were able to just walk right in to M&S Grill, which wasn't all that expensive. Comparable to Hard Rock, and in factm, we spent $15 less than we did the day before at ESPN zone for better food.

  • At July 20, 2005, Blogger jwer said…

    I'm not actually advocating the Hard Rock Cafe; M&S is fine, but it's part of the McCormick & Schmick's chain, and there are plenty of non-chain places nearby that would neither have had a wait nor been as expensive. At any rate, my actual point was that M&S food tends to be more sophisticated, so if you were blaming the choice on the kids, then you should've just gone somewhere with less-sophisticated food. Like, say, almost anywhere in Baltimore.

    And if it's truly more expensive to eat at Hard Rock or ESPN Zone than M&S Grill, then I am DEFINITELY never going back to either of those places... I was annoyed enough at the ESPN Zone when my Florida friends dragged me there to watch the USF game, and we were required to purchase minimum one beer an hour... not that I wasn't going to anyway, but come the hell on.

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