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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Rape victim demands her 'freedom'
This story about Mukhtar Babi is just appalling. For a woman to have endured what she has, and then worked to set up schools, better her community, and stand up for women's rights, onlyto be harassed, and as late as last week, kidnapped, by local police, is an outrage. She's too well known for Musharraf to get away with this. Human rights observers will be all over this one.

Nick Kristoff has a really good Op/Ed piece in this morning's NYT. And another editorial backs it up here.

Yes - you SHOULD be outraged.
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2 Editorial Opinions:
  • At June 15, 2005, Blogger Neckbone said…

    A couple quotes that especially rose my ire: "The prime minister has, meanwhile, ordered an investigation into why Ms Mai's travel has been restricted."

    Ordered an investigation? You're the PM, for fuck's sake! Lift the restriction!

    "In Ms Rai's case, the punishment was reported to be gang rape for a sexual indiscretion allegedly committed by her younger brother."

    This is the type of shit that underscores why the Middle East will NEVER, EVER be able to join the civilized world. While they cling to their primitive culture they will remain left behind, and should be treated as the animals they are so proud to be.

  • At June 17, 2005, Blogger Maktaaq said…

    Neckbone, the lady at the centre of this is also from that culture but she isn't really clinging to her primitive culture; I think, if I went through what she went through, my reaction would be more Rambo-esque.

    Ms. Mai has taken the extreme high road, which included something like establishing two schools, one for boys and one for girls and "went out of her way to enroll the children of her attackers in the schools, showing that she bore no grudges."

    I am in such awe of her. She's pretty amazing and she is also a representative of her culture.

    You know, those of us who aren't American have a few choice words to describe Americans...generalizations in a similar vein to what you said of the Middle East. But we all know that sort of generalization isn't true...

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