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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Gender Bender
A crab captured near the mouth of the nearby Rappahannock River is found to be half male and half female.
When Johnson called scientists at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, they were just as amazed at the crab, which they call a "bilateral gynandromorph" because its gender is literally split down the middle.

For a more scientific explanation of this phenomenon, click here
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6 Editorial Opinions:
  • At June 16, 2005, Blogger Zenchick said…

    why do I have a feeling Jwer is going to find this very interesting?

  • At June 16, 2005, Blogger Neckbone said…

    there was a dude I went to college with that we called bilateral gynandromorph. "Hey, bilateral gynandromorph- wanna go grab a beer?" we'd shout.

  • At June 16, 2005, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    Zenchick: yes

    Neckbone: The scientists have named the crab "Jerry" after Jerry Springer. In other news, please email me - I need the Neckbone family email addresses for social purposes ;-)

  • At June 16, 2005, Blogger Frenzy Lohan said…

    Hey, I know you didn't mean anything, but for some people, "shemale" is a slur that derides a medical condition they live with, and it makes me flinch in the way a comparable racial slur would.

    PS: The otter is totally adorable.

  • At June 16, 2005, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    Cara: Yikes! I had no idea - see immediate change. Certainly no offense intended or implied.

  • At June 16, 2005, Blogger Zenchick said…

    see, if you would just post about the happy hour, you might stay outa trouble :-)

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