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Saturday, January 08, 2005
Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses
I've been following a series of posts over at Ann Althouse's blog for the last few days. I like Anne. She's a little on the right, but her views are generally well balanced and thoughtful and the fact that she's a prof at my alma mater - Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, makes her right leaning tendencies palatable.

The first post started with the notion that a high IQ is a hindrance for women.

Great. This comes on the heels of my post yesterday about women and body image. 0 for 2 Linda.

The article she links to summarizes as this:

The study found the likelihood of marriage increased by 35 percent for boys for each 16-point increase in IQ.

But for girls, there is a 40-percent drop for each 16-point rise, according to the survey by the universities of Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The study is based on the IQs of 900 men and women between their 10th and 40th birthdays.

The professors theorize that high IQ types work hard at demanding careers and this causes the women to find the men around them "not interesting enough," while the men are going to want "an old-fashioned wife [who] looks after the home, a copy of his mum in a way."

Anne goes on to blast away at this notion, and I've gotta say - go girl!

The next post, covers the pros and cons of marrying someone smarter than you (amusing), and then today, we get "the search for a smart mate, cont."

I still think the best advice is to seek equality in a marriage. I think we are good at recognizing when people are on our level and make mistakes when we want either an idol or someone we can dominate. Equality is a good principle all

Ditto. However, I remain cautiously pessimistic that this is NOT, in fact, the opinion of a lot of men out there.....sigh.
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5 Editorial Opinions:
  • At January 09, 2005, Blogger jwer said…

    Well, I haven't read the links yet, but it's definitely my opinion that a marriage formed on any grounds other than partnership is a failure out of the gate. Which is not to say those traditional 50's marriages aren't the ones that work, I just don't want one. Of course, I may be an idiot. There is some evidence.

  • At January 09, 2005, Blogger jwer said…

    OK, now I've read the links, and I still think that men who can't see being married to a women smarter than them aren't particularly well-adjusted...

    Also, using "ceteris paribus" instead of "all things being equal" isn't so much an indication of intelligence as an indication that the writer is kind of a ponce. I will, of course, be using it from now on...

  • At January 09, 2005, Blogger jwer said…

    Also, let's pretend I didn't write "married to a women"... Thanks.

  • At January 10, 2005, Blogger Zenchick said…

    okay, now Jwer (rather than posting on his own blog) has taken not just to responding to others' comments on others' blogs (diagram THAT sentence), but staging mini-coups (not to be confused with the car) and simply taking over others' comment sections.
    I think we need to coin a phrase for this...

  • At January 10, 2005, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    I think "mini-couper" is about as apt as you can get with this notion. ;-)

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