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Friday, January 14, 2005 A Disaster Creates Mass News Agency
My good friend, Steve McGookin, has posted his latest column over at

As usual, he makes very good observations about the impact that media, the internet, and other new technology had in both covering the recent tsunami disaster, and in helping to raise funds.

One item not mentioned in Steve's article, was the impact of cell phones and their usefulness in text messaging during the disaster. It was through this medium, that I discovered that one of my best friends, who I had just visited in London (in addition to the article's author), was alive and well on Holiday in Bangkok just hours after the earthquake - and before anyone realized the devastation it had/was about to cause. It was also how I was able to keep her up to date over the next week as the disaster's enormity became all too apparent and she was traveling down the coast of Vietnam with limited access to English newspapers and TV broadcasts (and for a news junkie like her - it was real withdrawal).

SMS messaging was also critical in helping loved ones communicate with family members after the disaster, and a number of relief agencies were distributing cell phones in the region at various locations, just for this purpose.

Anyway - enjoy the article. He's always an interesting read and a very bright guy.
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