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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Catching My Breath
It's been a long week at Broadsheet. After a week in a knee brace and cructches, I got my knee "fixed" temporarily last Tuesday....

1. Wednesday night I hosted a "Pampered Chef" party for about 10 people.

2. Thursday was the Baltimore Blogger Happy Hour at my local watering hole - Doughtery's Pub The turnout was great, and as usual, there just didn't seem to be enough time to talk to everyone and catch up with everybody.

3. Friday, my parents arrived with my mother's two sisters in tow for the weekend. We grilled soft shell crab sandwiches and my cousin and his wife joined us. Nice evening to break in the new patio and garden.

4. Saturday, I took my folks on a tour of my new hospital/job, and then we met up with my aunts and cousins at the Ladew Topiary Gardens which were simply fabulous with the azaleas and spring plantings. Please go if you've never been there. It's one of Baltimore's best kept secrets I think. Afterwards, we headed to nearby Manor Tavern for a really nice dinner.

5. Sunday, I had made reservations for eight of us to have brunch at Gertrude's - in the Sculpture Garden of the BMA. Since my mother and both of her sisters are accomplished artists - AND since it was a glorious spring day - this was just about perfect. Mother's Day a week early.

6. The parents and aunties departed about 1:30, and that left me 2.5 hours to get ready for our annual Home Owner's Association meeting at 4:00. Long meeting, long evening, great neighbors.

7. Monday saw the crisis of our budget process at the hospital. Our Sr. Exec. team met for 5 hours Monday afternoon, and I came home to keep working on spreadsheets and had conference calls in my living room over my laptop well past 10:30 at night.

8. Tuesday - lather, rinse, repeat with the budget issues all day. From 5:00 - 7:00, I had a Board of Directors presentation to give to all my bosses, and their bosses. At 8:00 - I ran back home just in time to get reappointed to a seat on my neighborhood Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting.

9. Tonight: grocery shopping, fielding a phone call from an old friend and mentor who was stranded in an airport - down on her luck and short of options, another friend who needed lastr minute jazz CD recommendations for a gift, paying bills, and catching up on email and blogging.

10. Tomorrow: Long swim at the gym after work....
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