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Sunday, November 26, 2006
It brings a tear to my eye.....
The traffic and drive back to Baltimore were far less unpleasant than the abysmal showing by the Steelers today. All the way back from Western PA, while I was listening to the game, I kept looking for the Player's bus that surely broke down by the side of the road and held the entire Steeler offense from showing up in Baltimore.....

I inadvertently did a smart thing by heading back at the start of the game. I missed all the early morning traffic from people making the pilgrimage to Baltimore for the game, and likely missed the late afternoon folks who just had to watch the end of the slaughter before heading home later in the afternoon. Still - the stretch between Hagerstown and Frederick was bustling along at about 40 mph in good spots, 25 mph in others. All in all - not awful, considering.

Until I got home that is....

I walked into the house and it hit me like a WAVE. Garbage gone very, very, bad while I was away. I told my neighbors, who were watching the cats, that I would be home this afternoon, and that they didn't have to worry about taking care of them on Sunday, so I have to believe, the garbage went totally rogue at some point yesterday, or they would have done something about it.

Once I sequestered the offending bag out to the curb, I had to open the windows to get the stench out. That bad. It's starting to clear up now, but the poor cats....

Like many other single people who only deal with family and kids closely a half dozen times a year, it's like entering a Biohazard Level 5 Contamination Zone every time I go home (although I'm sure the trip to the zoo with 3,000 other kids didn't help either). Just like clockwork, I was driving to my brother's house yesterday, and swallowed, only to have the sudden sensation of a sharp knife in the back of my throat. It has quickly progressed, but so far, seems to be held at a Level 3 sore throat / cold with drugs and some interesting vitamins my sister plied me with.

I'm sure it's nothing that a little Florida sunshine can't cure on Tuesday.... hah!
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1 Editorial Opinions:
  • At November 27, 2006, Blogger jwer said…

    Oh, they showed up, they just didn't bring it. Ha, and also: HA HA!

    Meanwhile, if I were taking care of your cats, I would've very studiously ignored even the most awful of trash unless it was posing a health hazard to the cats, and totally would've said, "oh yeah? No, I didn't notice anything... must've gone bad the last day..." if you asked me.

    I don't get my Florida sunshine until the following weekend.

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