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Monday, October 02, 2006
Hello, my name is Mark
So, Mark Foley checked himself into alcohol rehab?

Listen, I hope the guy gets all the help he needs, and I'm sure he's going through the worst time of his life right now, but since when did AA start treating pedophilia? And since when is alcoholism a root cause of pedophilia? If anything, in his case, I think it's probably the opposite. If he needs to clear up one disease to treat another, fine, but he needs to address both issues.

Sometimes, I think rehab is a convenient place for these people to avoid the immediate media scrutiny post scandal versus the need to get treatment. I'm sure they need the help, but in 6 weeks, a lot of this will have died down, and he'll have sobered up.

UPDATE: Oh, it just gets worse....Wonkette is now reporting that Foley may be at a Scientology Rehab Center in Clearwater, FL. That would be the same group of cult nutcases who claim to be able to "cure" homosexuality and don't believe in modern psychiatry. Way to make a crazy loon even crazier.....
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