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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Her day in court
Two things that should never be in the same sentence, let alone the same room. Anna Nicole Smith and the Supreme Court. But - it happened. And apparently the press literally fell all over each other trying to get photos:

Money quote:
"Most people will do a double take," said Edward Morrison, a former Supreme Court clerk who specializes in bankruptcy law at Columbia University. "It raises the novelty level and makes a technical issue somewhat more entertaining."

Douglas Baird, a bankruptcy expert at the University of Chicago, said: "I'd suspect some justices haven't the slightest idea who Anna Nicole is."
You know, I hope she wins. Only in America can an ex-stripper / Playmate centerfold marry an 89 year old lech at 26 and walk away with $474 million. If the adult children were being left out in the cold, I'd feel differently, but with a fortune of more than $1.6 billion, she gets about a quarter of that and there is plenty of fortune to go around.

Besides, maybe Clarence Thomas will get a lap dance out of the deal.
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