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Saturday, September 24, 2005
The Russians are coming!
Dear internet: Я огорченн я не вывешивало в промежуток времени

I am sorry I have not posted regularly lately, but two things have conspired to pretty much occupy ALL my time during the last 2 weeks once you combine them with a demanding job. The first is this stupid health setback which landed me back in the Emergency Room on Monday and pretty much took all week to clear up, and then I had another minor procedure yesterday which sent me straight back to pain mode on the couch last night.

But even more than that, I agreed months ago to co-chair a cultural exchange through the League of Women Voters and the Open World Foundation which involves hosting a delegation of Russian politicians and diplomats for a week here in Baltimore beginning this coming Friday. I'm responsible for organizing everything with the help of a wonderful co-chair. From hiring an interpreter for the week from the State Dept., to arranging their housing in host homes (one is staying with me), to setting up meetings with them in the Governor's office, Mayor's office, City Council, State Delegates, Congressional Candidates (thank you Peter Bielenson!!), the Chairman of the Political Science Dept. at Hopkins, etc. Then there are the luncheons, dinners and cultural events: The Aquarium, The Walters Art Museum, lunches at the Hamilton Club, Center Club and the Hopkins Faculty Club....

It has been a constant stream of phone calls and emails trying to pull all the details together and organize the volunteers to drive them, put together gift baskets, get tickets, make reservations..... Logistics are hard.

I am very glad I am not an event planner for a living. This was like pulling off a celebrity wedding for 300 people with 2 weeks notice.

So, bear with me one more week or so, and I'll try to get back to more routine posts. And if anyone out there is interested in volunteering next week and meeting some interesting political leaders from Russia, contact me.

Lastly, I would be very remiss this morning in not offering my deepest condolences to my good buddy Jwer, on the loss of his beloved Zoe. Hang in there sweetie - our thoughts are with you.
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