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Friday, September 30, 2005
Русские - здесь!
Добрый вечер Балтимор, мои российские друзья прибыли, и я очень, очень занят!!

That would be: Good evening Baltimore, my Russian guests have arrived and I am very, very busy!

So busy in fact that I did not have a moment until now to check my blogroll and read all the reviews from last night's fabulous Blogger Happy Hour. I'm telling you what - you peeps are just a fine, fine bunch of happily sick and twisted individuals and that is about the highest compliment I can pay y'all. I'm glad I got out to see everyone since I've been laid up and under the radar from the blogging community for the last few weeks, and I have a couple more busy weeks to go, so it was nice to talk to folks in person.

I'm very glad to have gotten to know some of you better, see my good friends again (and their lovely spouses - and even their progeny!)

Thanks VERY much to Snay for being my good sport and designated driver (and giving my usual designated driver, the loverly Zenchick - the night off).

I'm just not gonna have time to properly link to everyone as blog etiquette normally requires today, so I apologize in advance and let me just say, it was fine, fine, fine, seeing: Fruit Loops and Porn, DaBrettman, mokiejovis (and his mail order bride), Jason J. Thomas (who is really gonna have to eat some crow over the Steeler's comments he made - and we haven't even STARTED hockey season yet!), Jennetic, (they're BROWN boots sweetie), Seadragon, Tracy (minus his beloved Moose and Squirrel), Sally (you are a brave, brave woman re: skid marks, and have the greatest giggle/snort/laugh I have ever experienced), Rachel, Jessica, and the absolutely delightful Dedalus, who I made a special effort to link to in order to promote his solitary post in English. Thanks for the killer Italian accent. Ciao baby.

Probably the best turnout we've had, and all for a good cause. Next month, Happy Hour is within stumbling distance of my very own back yard thanks to my neighbors Cara and Tracy. So join us at Dougherty's for a few!!

PS: We have to quit holding these things on a school night. I'm not as young as I used to be, and going to some Country Club in the boonies to attend an executive retreat at 7:00 AM this morning and spend 5 hours on "Service Excellence" was painful.
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