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Monday, August 08, 2005
Girl's Weekend - aftermath
Well, for once, my affliction for bad air travel was minor. Only an hour and a half delay on the flight up to Rhode Island, and an hour delay on the way back last night. Got to have a great lobster dinner on Naragansett Bay and watch the sun set last night, and still got home to Baltimore by midnight.

I managed to forget to put a memory chip in my digital camera, so conveniently there are no photos of our debauchery. But let me just say that when you get a lot of really smart women together, you can count on some really good conversation and a terrific experience. When those same smart women are also scientists, you can also count on decanting a large quantity of home made (award winning, I might add), red wine directly from oak casks into large chemistry beakers, using mouth pipettes to mix different varietals, and also setting up the pipettes to infuse an amazing and impressive amount of spiced rum into a watermelon.

Add a really nice pool, terrific food (fresh vegetables and luscious summer fruits with mascarpone and limoncello), amazing summer weather, and good music, and skinny dipping at midnight is fairly inevitable.

Life does not get much better than that.

I have a sunburn in a few spots and an outbreak of really annoying mosquito bites on my feet and ankles, but I've also got great memories and the knowledge that I have some pretty amazing friends in my life.
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