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Saturday, July 23, 2005
So... I wandered down to the corner earlier today and examined my neighborhood with an extra 50,000 or so people thrown in. I had some Thai Chicken Sate (gotta love street / festival food!) and a frozen coffee for lunch (and made a mental note of food booths for lunch and dinner options for the remainder of the weekend), and then we went to hear my boys "Lawnchair" (and shared a giant mango frozen ice - yum!). Lots of great stuff in the Artists Market, but the people watching tops it all. I'm going back tomorrow with my camera - will post photos later. I love Artscape because it really brings out the best in Baltimore - everyone is happy and just there to enjoy themselves and have a nice day, and the diversity of people is mind blowing.

It is a stunningly beautiful weekend here! All the humidity from last week has vanished, and the temps are warm, but not unbearable, and this evening, it's about 80.

In addition to "Lawnchair", we saw our city's mayor give his farewell performance for "O'Malley's March". Needless to say, it was packed - SRO.

I've come home for a few hours to get some things done around the house and cool off a bit, but now am headed back out the door with my own lawnchair and some wine, to catch the 8:00 concert of the Drive By Truckers and some more people watching.

Did I mention how much I love living here? Right in my own backyard - literally!! Two weekends in a row, where Baltimore is just the best place on earth.
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  • At July 24, 2005, Blogger Neckbone said…

    damn, I wish I hadn´t missed that! we loved the Fed Hill block party, I´m sure this wass even better. Let me know when you hear of any other upcoming festivals, and we´ll meet up

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