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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Blogging Through The Tulips
My buddy Steve's monthly column is up at, and is getting some excellent (and well deserved) press in the journalistic / media blogosphere from Romanesko, and mediabistro. You've hit the big time buddy! (not that you hadn't already)

The article does just a superb job illustrating all the issues facing the US Federal Elections Commission as they prepare to review the public commentary generated (primarily) by the Online Coalition Petition in their attempt to determine whether or not to regulate political blogs (breathe!) OR..... subject them to the same spending caps as the rest of the federally regulated finance legislation.

From: determining the definition of a "political" blog; to getting mired in the whole "blogger as journalist" debate; to determining at what point do blogs qualify for FEC regulatory oversight; to just how the heck does the FEC proposes to administer and regulate such a thing as diverse and virtual as the blogosphere; - Steve does a great job summarizing the issues and putting them in such a context as to actually make the whole notion of regulating blogs seem a bit far fetched today, but not safely out of the realm of possibility in the (near?) future. That is of course, if you haven't gotten a headache first from the sheer complexity of it all.

Oh, and not to put too fine a point on it, but this site is not a political blog. However, donations are welcome! :-)
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