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Monday, April 25, 2005
Canada attempts another publications ban
Man, didn't they learn anything the first time they tried this stunt? U.S. Websites are immune to this media blackout, and have already proven themselves more than eager to ignore any attempt at a publications ban by the Canadian gov't.
The Gomery Commission is scheduled to go after some big game in its hunt for the perpetrators of the federal sponsorship scandal, and once again it will have to go undercover.

The inquiry, headed by Justice John Gomery, is investigating charges by the federal auditor-general that $100 million of the $250-million program intended to boost national unity in Quebec through favourable advertising went to a group of Quebec ad firms with Liberal Party connections who liberally siphoned money out of the program while doing little or no work to earn it.
This scandal will almost certainly signal the end of the long reigning Liberal Party in Canada. As this article points out, Prime Minister Paul Martin has had all the bad news he can use this month:
Paul Martin hardly needs another scandal, but the news that Maurice Strong has stepped down from his UN post as special envoy to Korea in the wake of allegations related to the Iraqi oil-for-food debacle is potentially damaging on several fronts.
Um, yeah.
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1 Editorial Opinions:
  • At April 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    More proof that our neighbors to the north just suck. Yes, it's personal. No, I do not want to explain this to the blogosphere. Yes, I'll have to get over this in 2 months when I move to a new dangerously location where one can see London, Ontario (of all places, Linda!!) across the lake on a clear day.

    Sister #3

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