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Sunday, February 03, 2008
So, I have this big interview on Monday. Do or die kind of gig, and I get a call on Friday morning telling me that I am expected to give a luncheon presentation to the Sr. Exec. team as part of the interview process. Power Point slides, the works. No pressure. YIKES.

Then, my five year old cat decides to get sick yesterday with some sort of bladder infection and is peeing blood all over the place. The vet kept him overnight, but couldn't get any clear test results, and since stress is a major factor in these conditions, and the poor thing was just terrified at the vet, she recommended I bring him home for the weekend and keep an eye on him. He's got meds and he's eating and drinking just fine, but he's still straining and not producing a whole lot. Poor thing. His brother was frantic this morning looking for him - going from room to room crying for his little buddy.

Oh, and my sister arrives any minute for a weekend visit and to hear Mark O'Connor play at the BSO tomorrow. Normally, that's a very good thing, but with the other two things going on, I'm a little distracted at the moment....


1. The cat is MUCH better. He's urinating regularly and cuddling and snorgling like his old self. Getting him to take his pills is much more difficult.

2. The interview presentation is DONE. And pretty darn good if I do say so myself. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles with animation and graphs that I might like to put in given more time, but it's a damn good overview and outline, and that's what I need to get across.

3. My sister and I had a great time cooking a nice meal last night with a movie and some wine, going to the gym, going to a GREAT concert this afternoon at the Meyerhoff, and out to a very nice dinner at Lemongrass - the hot new Thai restaurant in Little Italy.

4. The stress of the interviews tomorrow still looms, but at least I'm prepared.....
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  • At February 02, 2008, Blogger Charissa said…

    Geez... I hope that you make it out for some R&R tonight. I feel for you on the cat thing. Elliott still isn't right. It's stressing me out too.

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