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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
A Visit from Santa
Santa came to my house today. All 425 pounds of him. Seriously.

Long white hair tied back in a ponytail, long white beard halfway down his chest ZZTop style, wearing a big red faded Henley T-shirt. Add a big laugh, a very gregarious personality, and you have Santa.

I think this Santa must have had a really good time in the seventies, he was kind of hippy Santa.

Hippy Santa tried to fix my oven. He got the oven to work (yeah!), but can't get the self cleaning cycle to work because he said the part they shipped him is missing some kind of connector thingy.

Hippy Santa waited patiently while I cleaned all the crap from out behind the stove while he told me about his wife and six cats, and then didn't charge me a penny for the call because he said he hadn't completed the job, and he'd be back after the Holidays since I'm going out of town.

How's THAT for Holiday spirit? How many appliance guys do you know that don't charge you for an hour's worth of work because they didn't have the right part? He'll have been to my house three times by the time this thing is fixed, and I'll owe him a whopping $60. That's it.

Ho, ho, ho. And if you need an appliance repair man - I've got a great one for you.
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