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Sunday, May 08, 2005
Gold Cup
We (8 of us) had a great time yesterday rubbing shoulders with the horsey set at one of the hot tickets on the Washington social calendar yesterday. The 80th anniversary of the Virginia Gold Cup Steeplechase Races

This is the 7th year in a row we've gone, and we've always been blessed with gorgeous weather. We get our tickets through the University Row Alumni organization which offers VIP tickets to various university alumni organizations. The tickets include round trip coach transportation to and from DC, admission to private tents, and great food and an open bar. The food was really wonderful, and the drinks were plentiful. We had a great time watching the races and placing $2 bets all day, and a whopping $5 for the Gold Cup. Our friends Scott and Audrey come down from New Hampshire every year for the event. Audrey is our bookie and did a great job keeping track of the bets and everyone's money. Although, somewhat coincidentally, Scott managed to win the pot four out of five times. Hmmmm. That's OK, we made Scott buy the beer after the races. Here's Scott placing a bet with Audrey (that's Beth in the background) - he'll get his money back shortly.

Today, we're off to brunch and the Orioles versus Kansas City game before Scott and Audrey have to fly home. Great weekend!

Our friend, Teri, won the award in our little group for "best hat" of the day.

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