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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Or Nuclear Winter if you believe the news reports. The threat of the first major snowfall of the season here on the East Coast turns the local newstations into ratings whores. Live! On the scene! 24 hour coverage!

It's not even snowing yet.

Last night, I was forced to run all the errands I so carefully procrastinated about all week. The line at the video store was 20 people deep, and the pickings were mighty slim. I mean, I was forced to rent "Troy", OK? Wasting an hour or three watching Brad and Colin isn't the worst way to weather a storm I suppose. Anyway - I come out the door, and there's the local ABC affiliate shining a massive camera light in my face interviewing people "stocking up" for today's natural disaster. I should note that this particular shopping plaza is near "TV Hill" - a high spot in the local geography with a plethora of radio and TV towers and stations planted on it, so it was tres convenient for these folks to schlep over and check things out.

On to the grocery store. Madhouse. No milk - at least not skim. Daft people leaving shopping carts in the middle of the aisle while they peruse the selection of frozen pizzas. I thought it somewhat amusing that the largest crowds were in front of the ice cream freezers. I mean - it's a SNOW storm, not a heat wave. Whatever.

Finally make it out the door and - guess what? Channel 11! The NBC affiliate is running their own gauntlet of interviews and peering into people's carts. Luckily, they were mesmerized by a family of four they were interviewing and I was able to sneak by in the background on that one.

On to the wine shop - no cameras there thankfully.

Live! On the scene! First snowflakes are falling - it's 8:50 a.m.

Time to make coffee and light a fire.
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5 Editorial Opinions:
  • At January 22, 2005, Blogger Mark said…

    Must have just missed ya! On the way up to visit my girlfriend Jeni's mother in the hospital, we were waiting to turn left into the 41st St strip mall so that I could do my own stocking up before the storm -- in this case, a refill on blood pressure meds -- whence what did we see but the ABC live-eye truck coming out of the parking lot. It didn't occur to us that they would have been doing the Superfresh dog-bites-man pre-storm story; we figured they were just buying gum or something.

    Jeni's Mom's hospitalization is an interesting, albeit sobering story. Ten days ago, she had what was presumed to be a relatively routine 100,000 mile bladder tune-up procedure and initially was recovering quite well. But then came this week with the nausea and vomiting.

    The doctors originally thought that she had suffered an anesthetically induced shutdown of a portion of her upper intestinal track. Yesterday afternoon's surgery found something rather more dramatic: the first surgery had both in fact torn the "netting" that supports the bladder and also cut into her upper intestine. Since the surgery, the netting or membrane had actually _healed itself in_ to the intestine itself, creating a natural wall impeding the movement of, well, much of anything.

    The good news is that she is recovering well and there was, rather amazingly really, no evidence of infection. The bad news is that the repair procedure had to undo most of the bladder fix from round one.

    But she's fine now, and I have to admit I was rather glad to visit her last night _before_ she was fully informed of all the particulars.

    WEATHER REPORT: light snow continues to fall at 11:45 Saturday morning. Currently, there is no wind and hence no drifting in Patterson Park (though the prevalence of "blowing" along E Baltimore Street is a phenomenon largely independent of the weather).

    NITPICK FROM A SLATE GEEK: A loyal reader of Mickey (or Noam Scheiber at TNR, or -- uh -- old emails from me) should know that William Saletan's friends call him Will, not Bill. Just trying to maximize your insider cachet, yo.


  • At January 22, 2005, Blogger MisFitToy said…

    Nice to find another Baltimore blogger, especially one in Healthcare!
    Nice blog. Snow is not too bad so far...nothing a broom can't handle yet.

  • At January 22, 2005, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    Mark: Sorry to hear about Jeni's Mom. Please extend get well wishes, and please tell me that this particularly badly botched piece of surgery did not take place at my hospital!!

    MisfitToy: Welcome! I'll be sure to check out your site as well.

  • At January 22, 2005, Blogger Mark said…

    Well, the hospital where both procedures were performed is on a prominent hill overlooking its community from the east, but in this case that community is Westminster. The second procedure involved a different surgeon, who apparently _called surgeon #1 from the operating room (!!!)_ to get him down to the hospital.

    I shouldn't presume to share any more -- and in fact I've possibly already shared more than I should in this forum -- but the word is that the first doc's general rep is quite sound and that he was seriously and sincerely chastened. Beyond that, I think it'd be best to leave further particulars offline.

    WEATHER UPDATE: 4:15 and the snow has ceased in Greater Patterson Park. And I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm being so sluggish as to be sitting here watching hours upon on end of the "Baltimore Sports Tribute" coverage on ESPN Classic....

  • At January 22, 2005, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    Mark - ummm - yeah, there's a little thing called HIPPA you might want to ask me about. Talk to you tomorrow.

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